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Reliable Applications(Apps) For A Second Phone Number

What is getting worse every day is the technology plague of spam calls, robocalls, and telemarketing which are very annoying. It should be your top priority to protect your personal mobile number because of this. Treating your personal phone number with confidentiality like other sensitive information you have such as social security number, name and address is crucial. Keeping in mind that robocalls is not the only problem but also your personal phone number is linked with some account security options such as sign-ins and two-factor authentication is necessary. There are some services and applications which require you to give your phone number before you create an account with them.

It will be necessary for you to have multiple numbers for maximum security. Having multiple numbers will prevent you from giving out your primary phone number when submitting information on various websites or when signing up for things. This way, you will be able to keep your personal number for important communication with family and friends. Having a secondary phone number to give out for other public activities such as online selling and buying on Craigslist, traveling and dating will be a good choice.

Fortunately, multiple phone numbers and lines are allowed on the modern smartphone applications of today. Signing up for several phone lines and handsets from your carrier will not be required because these applications will give you a second phone number. Keep reading to find out about the best applications. Burner is one of the most popular secondary phone number service applications. The application has temporary numbers which are disposable at any time; thus you will protect your personal number.

You will be able to intercept all calls on this app and route them to your phone; therefore, it will be easy to hide your real number effectively when texting or calling. A free trial is given for its use and thereafter you can purchase the packages you like. You will be provided with temporary numbers that are also disposable at wide price ranges by Hushed; this is another application. Messaging, calling or chatting with other Hushed users will be for free if you use this app. Google having free phone services may come as a surprise to you.

You will be allowed to choose your own free mobile number that you can use to voice call, text or voice mail by Google voice provided you have an active Google account. You will first have to install the Google Voice app before you can start placing outgoing calls, sending and receiving voicemail and messages with your alternative number. With Flyp App, you can assign different aspects of your life such as school, work and dating a unique number.

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